Welcome To The
Knights Chess Club

Club will be meeting today, 2/13/17, following the snow storm. Because the storm ended early the road conditions are good in the Keene area, though conditions are windy and cold.

Do you like to play chess? If the answer is "yes" then come join us!

Don't have a chess set...don't worry. We have sets for you to use. If you do have a chess set by all means bring it.

Curious if there's a membership fee? There are no fees or dues to pay.

Wondering if your age would be a fit? It doesn't matter whether you're 6, or 98 years old. The Knights Chess Club is about enjoying the game of chess.

Located in Keene, NH, we are a United States Chess Federation affiliate club, and supporters of the New Hampshire State Chess Association. Please feel welcome to come visit and play chess with us.

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