Starting Monday November 24, 2014 ~~~


6SS, G/60;d5
6 games, one game each Monday

Monday, November 24th, 2014
Monday, Dec 1st, 2014
Monday, Dec 8th, 2014
Monday, Dec 15th, 2014
Monday, Dec 22nd, 2014
Monday, Dec 29th, 2014

Knights Chess Club
Elks Lodge #927
81 Roxbury Street
Keene, NH 03431

Round Time: 7:15pm*
*Players must be present by 7pm sharp to be paired for the evening. Players arriving later than 7pm will not be paired. To allow for prompt start there will be no exceptions and if you come even one minute late without notice you will not be paired!!! If you know you will be running a few minutes late please call or text Tom at 603-313-3344. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE ELKS LODGE!

Byes: 1/2 point byes allowed in rounds 1-5 only, limit three. Byes are applied retroactively when you enter.

Prize Info:
Open 1st $5, U1650 $5, U1150 $5

Registration Information:

USCF membership required.

Entry Fee: $2. Drop in games available for $1 a game. If you win the game you get your $1 back! Juniors (Under 18) free with $2 deducted from any prize won.

Email your entry to and make sure to arrive by 7pm or earlier. Pay at the door.

November 2014 supplement rating will be used for pairings.

I encourage everyone to consider playing as this inclusive format is one of the most flexible that we have offered. REMEMBER TO ARRIVE BY 7pm AS PAIRINGS WILL BE RUN ONLY WITH PLAYERS WHO ARE IN THE CLUB BY THIS TIME.

As usual casual play in the skittles room will be available for those not playing in the tournament. With the game 60 format games usually are done before 9pm allows for game analysis and/or casual play after your game.

Join us and prepare your G/60 chops for the Queen City Tornado NHCA tournament in February 2015!


Tom Cassar
Tournament Director

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